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Return to Avalon

By Lucy Cavendish

Meet Merlin, the Lady of the Lake and the Priestesses of Avalon as you part the mists and walk again on the shores of this fabled realm. Be gifted the four sacred objects of power in a crystal cave, dance in a stone circle and speak with the mighty oaks. Transform woes into wonders in the purifying and speak with the mighty oaks. Transform woes into wonders in the purifying fires of Cerridewen's Cauldron. Be uplifted, enchanted, empowered by these two magickal, transformational inspiring meditations.

Track one: Return to Avalon

Track two: Cerridwen's Cauldron

The Seven Gifts of Faery

By Lucy Cavendish

Ancestry, sensua;ity, power, compassion, expression, clairvoyance, communion....these life-changing gifts are yours when you choose to enter the Blessed Lands of the 'Fae'...........

join spiritual author and teacher Lucy Cavendish on this transformative journey to the enchanted realm of Faery. Connect with your own beloved Faery Godmother, absorb the wild wisdom of the Faery, visit their magikal hideways and healing groves and receive their blessing of wellbeing, happiness, purpose, laughter and love........

With sonic of soothing sounds, this CD is at once a portal to the magick of Faerylands, and a deeply relaxing, inspiring and soothing journey for meditations, every day..............

Track one..................The Seven Gifts of Faery..................Duration 30minutes

Music by Sunsaria

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life takes the listener on a wonderful and transforming journey. A beautiful mix of Acoustic Guitar and background sounds from relaxation to easy listening. (The Tree of Life is a pleasant change to the many relaxation CDs available today as its uniqueness lie in the fact that it can be relaxing, joyful and loving all at once) CD Review courtesy of - INSIGHT MAGAZINE ©


1. Inner space 7.15

2. So much love 5.51

3. Fountain of Youth 4.25

4. The Moment 8.22

5. New Horizon 6.25

6. Cosmic heart 6.48

7. Beyond forever 5.46

8. The Tree of Life 4.49

9. Fully Conscious 4.09

10. The Power Within 6.26





This City Ignites

"This City Ignites" are a heavy Mosh Band from Brisbane, Australia.


1. Casino 1.32

2. Endless Conflict 2.59

3. From the Bottom we rise 2.24

4. Yesterday 2.20

5. Far from Forgotten 2.36

6. The Marauder 2.53

This album was released 3rd November 2010

The "This City Ignites" band members are very musically talented. You would be wondering now why I have put this CD on my website. The Bass player is my Son (not only does he play bass he also plays piano, which has brought many a tear to my eyes, Mozart for instance and he knows which song to play for me) I have heard and listened to his music and writing talents. Not only do they play Metal. Hardcore & Metalcore, you would be quite surprised at their other talents in other easy listening music......Rock & Alternative.....