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Himalayan salt lamp instructions and explanations
Instructions for your Himalayan Salt Lamp Remove paper from inside hollow part of Himalayan Salt lamp Place (screw) light bulb into cord and then fit into hollow part of lamp the further inside the hollow the better, you will get the feel of it on how it fits Please make sure bulb does not touch inside of lamp, it does fit perfectly Switch light on When using lamp please make sure it is not too close to an open window or doorway Remember salt disappears when in contact with water. Lamp can be left on 24hours:- try to keep it on as much as possible Himalayan salt lamps are quite bright I use mine for reading and I have one in each room except bathroom, toilet & garage lol! Place your salt lamp in a space where it enhances your wellbeing and experience an improvement in your overall health How to clean and store your Himalayan salt lamp If there is a build up of salt or dust on your salt lamp this is how to clean it. Make sure your salt lamp is on and warm Saturate a washer then wring it out till nearly dry Wipe over your salt lamp, if grooves on your salt lamp are embedded with salt use a skewer inside your washer and scrape gently. Once you have wiped over your salt lamp the salt will fall away easily and quickly. To store your Himalayan salt lamp Wrap your salt lamp in thick plastic e.g Melken Essences plastic bags, please make sure it is totally wrapped in plastic and placed into a box for storage If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me or email: or Mobile:0404013638 Please enjoy your lamp they so beautiful