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Brooms/Besooms represent the perfect union of male & female energies: the stick represents the male force plunged into & attached to the female straw. In witchcraft brooms are used for flying with flying ointments as a component, brooms are also used for sweeping whilst housecleaning using magical incantations & spiritual rites.


Decorated in various colours with various charms.

Besoms represent the perfect union of male and female energies: the stick represents the male force plunged into and attached to the female straw.

Although brooms are now associated with housecleaning, they may originally have been invented for magical and spiritual rites. The act of sweeping was a ritual act: the chore remained after the spiritual aspects were suppressed or forgotten. Depending on direction, sweeping over a threshold manipulates energy in or out, inviting or repelling.

(Sweeping in the good fortune).

Of course, the most famous thing witches do with brooms is ride them. Another theory regarding the origin of brooms is that they are a shamanic tool for soul-journeying. The witch's broom may have originated as a shamanic spirit horse. A hobbyhorse is essentially a broomstick with a horse's head instead of a broom head.

In many witchcraft traditions, a broom alone is insufficient for flight: incantations and especially flying ointments may also be necessary components.

For any info on flying ointments please email me.

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